About Us

Why partner with us?

Starboard Star Venture Capital (SSVC) is an early-stage venture capital fund located in Houston, Texas. The fund is focused on investments in technology companies primarily in the energy, construction, property and other industrial applications. We’ve also invested in other B2B startups focusing on sports tech and other markets. 

What do we invest in?

We are typically minority investors in the Seed or Series A rounds of software and services companies, primarily those with marketplace and SaaS business models. We prefer to join when the company is already demonstrating post-launch traction with a growing customer base and has first-rate, experienced founders and team.

SSVC assists our startups go to market, achieve product-market-fit, and become successful. We focus on early-stage companies because it’s where we have the most impact.

The SSVC founders have a collective 60 years’ experience in the energy, real estate/ property management and principal investing sectors.  We have started and built businesses of our own, and have backed and supported entrepreneurs and management to help them build successful companies.  We are experienced teammates to call when you want a sounding board about your metrics, team or sales motion.  

Of significant value to our portfolio companies, SSVC has an extensive and valuable network of “allies” throughout the business and entrepreneurial community:

·      Investments in and relationships with VC funds and tech incubators/accelerators 

·      Co-investment partners and angel networks

·      Extensive customer networks throughout the Industrial sector

At SSVC you get direct communication and fast decision-making. We are transparent in our process and if we like you and your idea, we do our part of learning more. We take the time to understand your product and customers. We ask not just what but why now? We ask not just who you are today, but what is your capacity to grow? As the sole owners and managers of SSVC, we maintain a high-integrity approach and a steady hand. 

We have a substantial portion of our net worth invested in SSVC, into the entrepreneurs and teams we back. This alignment means we’ll do all we can to assist you and your team to build your company, and we won’t advise you to take unnecessary risks and waste money. We will succeed or fail together.  We understand the challenges of building a great company, and would love to share what we’ve learned. As we work with you, we’ll bring our experience to your team in a pragmatic way to help you grow and succeed.